About our company

Now the brand DARIMIR has extensive experience working with federal retail chains, market places and local stores. The brand's assortment at various times included: jackets, windbreakers, raincoats, vests, down jackets, winter sets for boys and girls, jumpsuits, semi-overalls, envelopes and sets for newborns and of course transformer jumpsuits.

The brand has two patents for multifunctional transformer jumpsuits developed. Now the daughter of the founders of the company is responsible for the modern visual of products and the brand. Darina Vladimirovna Gorda is a mother of two children.

Our own line of sublimated prints on fabric appeared in 2013. A year later, a significant event took place for the company. Own trademark was officially registered DARIMIR.

DARIMIR – this is a Russian brand of children's outerwear from birth to 7 years old.

The brand DARIMIR was founded on December 1, 2008 in the city of Kursk by the parents of two already adult children. This is a family production that began its history with a combination of circumstances. The co-founder of the brand, Inna Nikolaevna Shalaginova, without having a specialized education, sewed and resewed clothes for her children all her life, and the co-founder of the brand, Vladimir Gennadievich Shalaginov, had just resigned from the post of vice president of a large company that year. This is how the creative and analytical approach in the brand came together. Since then Inna Nikolaevna has been developing product design, and Vladimir Gennadievich has been selling the brand DARIMIR.

The first product of our brand was a transformer jumpsuit.

Our brand opened its first retail store DARIMIR in the Central Children's Store on Lubyanka in 2015. It worked until the end of spring 2021 and closed due to the consequences of the pandemic. The brand has two branded stores in the city of Kursk now.

Casual dresses appeared in the brand's assortment in 2016.

Today our brand DARIMIR is the company of full production cycle. We love our work and we are happy to share weekdays and special days with you and your children.

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